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Happy New Year 2018 Photo Frame


New Year
New Year is the first day of the happy new year 2018, Monday, January 1, 2018, and New Year's Day is celebrated from December 25th to the birthday of the East until Jan. 7. The New Year calendar differs from the Chinese New Year, where a separate article is displayed. The Gregorian calendar is a holiday in the countries that use it. The day is celebrated in the resorts and the New Year's Eve, where there are very famous concerts in the usa countries, celebrated in different ways, and celebrated religiously in the New Year. He has a tradition Especially different and known as Night Watch and full of churches thank God at the end of the year and the manifestations of the celebration of New Year's Eve 2018, which we will show later on the best pictures pictures New Year's Eve celebrations around the world.
The first year of the Gregorian calendar dates back to 1 January, 45 BC, as the beginning of the new year, and in a number of Catholic countries on January 1, the first day of the calendar. This day marks the day of the circumcision of Christ according to their beliefs. The Virgin is celebrated on New 
Year's Eve.

happy new year 2018
happy new year 2018
And the occasion of the New Year where the whole world celebrates this day and congratulate each other and at those times on the best pictures we have made the articles of the happy including photos of 2018 Happy new year and also from the ceremony of public celebration for many and reflective of the New Year Pictures of Santa Claus 2018 will be displayed in an article Separate and also we have done the themes of the creams and designs wonderful congratulations on the occasion of the New Year in many Arab sites.
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